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Agria Cutbrad collected 350,000 cones for homeless cats

Agria Cutbrad collected 350,000 cones for homeless cats

This weekend, Europe’s largest digital charity event for cats was held for the first time In Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom and France. Thousands of cats then had the opportunity to share their walk on social media. In Sweden, 11,000 cats participated, meaning SEK 157,970 helps homeless cats through 48 cat houses. In total, the event raised SEK 350,000 in all countries.

The cat parade was a success when it started in Sweden, so expectations were high when the event was organized for the first time in six different countries. What a success it was!

– Patrick Olsen, Business Area Manager, Pets, Agria Turfarsokring, says, “We are very grateful for the immense commitment that all cat owners have shown to help homeless cats lead a better life.”

Europe’s largest digital charity event for cats, all cat owners have signed up for the Agria Cat Parade. Last weekend, owners photographed or photographed their cats and posted them on social media during #agriakattparad. In total, thousands of photos and videos of the recorded cats were released.

For each cat that participates, Agria Jurforsacring donates SEK 10. This money goes to help cat homes and cat organizations in the county in every country. In Sweden, 48 cat houses took part in this year’s cat parade.

It is estimated that there are 100,000 homeless cats in Sweden. Cats need care and often castration before being placed in new, loving homes through non-profit organizations.

– Nonprofit companies do a fantastic job for homeless cats. We want to support this through Agria Cutbrad, says Patrick Olson.

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