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Petrol chaos continues in UK - Wild riot at gas station

Petrol chaos continues in UK – Wild riot at gas station

The queues are long outside petrol stations. Everyone wants to refuel before it is over.

According to the Daily Mail, the scenes are confusing in some places. Pictures of “Eso Petrol” in Chiselsham, Chichester show how people are kicking each other as they line up for fuel pumps.

A fight at a gas station begins with an argument before two men start attacking each other. From another direction, another man gives a “flying kick”.

One percent closed

Thousands of people are ignoring the government’s call to take it easy. On the streets near the petrol station, traffic is blocked by people chasing petrol. Some have cans that they fill, and some fill their vehicle as much as they can. What is common is that many people stand in line for hours to reach the pump.

At stations owned by the EG Group – about 400 – there is now a maximum limit of 30 pounds, so anyone can refuel.

At the same time, only about one percent of all gas stations are closed due to fuel shortages. 8,350 stations are still open.

“good news”

The president of the Automobile Association, Edmund King, the British equivalent of Motormon, says there is “enough fuel for everyone” and no reason to save gasoline. He also hopes that the long queues will be significantly shorter soon.

The good news is, you can only fill the tank once – you need to use the fuel, so this should be the only thing that happens now.

– So when people refuel, they don’t have to travel much more than they normally would. So the pressure of the system should decrease within the next few days.

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