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Municipalities can become bridge builders between the UK and the EU

Municipalities can become bridge builders between the UK and the EU

Local and regional authorities in the UK and the European Union are preparing for Christmas and New Year weekends, where epidemics are pushing our community service to the limit. Brexit is included in the mix of these challenges. With just a few weeks left until the transition period, hopes for a full-fledged trade deal are almost shattered. Many communities will be severely affected by the severe disturbances.

Former British Governments Helped create the Europe we see today – its democratic decision-making, laws, finances and plans. At the same time, the negotiations over the past three and a half years have been far more destructive than the constructive mood. Threats of violation of international law. Negotiations were slow and difficult. They are characterized by distrust and driven more by political ideology than by economic pragmatism. According to research published in the London School of Economics and Britain in a Changing Europe, the effects of Brexit without agreement would be three times worse for the British economy than the epidemic.

On Study From The EU Committee of Regions shows that the implications for EU regions will vary considerably. There are still many unanswered questions about trade flows, border controls and who can and cannot work in our communities. Within the EU, sectors such as food, transportation, machinery and electronics will be particularly hard hit. The most vulnerable areas, of course, are in the UK – London includes them. Governments of the United Kingdom and EU member states need to provide appropriate financial support to continue to assess and protect regional outcomes Livelihoods And companies.

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When that As our political system fails or has difficulty at the top, it becomes even more important for politicians at the regional and local levels to try to improve things from the bottom up. From tourism support to cooperation to tackle climate change, from finding solutions to maintaining cross-border trade flows to migration. Local and regional governments must continue to work together to create sustainable and flexible communities. One New team Recently launched by EU regions and cities, it is a platform we plan to use to maintain close cooperation.

There was the European Union World leader in hosting environmental and climate issues on the international agenda. Last year, the European Union legally pledged to become carbon neutral by 2050 City of London Done. FN: s COP26 Provides an opportunity to strengthen our connections next year in Glasgow. As members of the same community we hope to integrate what we have created over 47 years and turn it into a special bond.

Brexit is always there It was a process. There was no change from one day to the next. It has taken many years to understand what this division and its consequences mean to all of us. Cities and regions in the UK and communities in the EU need to work side by side to find ways to mitigate and mitigate the effects. Dialogue, compromise and diversity – not intentional nationalism – we better represent the interests of our citizens. With this in mind, we are determined to continue to co-operate as leaders of cities and regions – even after Brexit.

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Apostolos digigostas, Chairman of the European Committee on Regions

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, United Kingdom