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Boris Johnson's crisis plan "a drop in the ocean" for more drivers

Boris Johnson’s crisis plan “a drop in the ocean” for more drivers

The shortage of drivers for heavy transport has intensified in the UK, leading to major problems in delivering petrol and food, among others, when the supply route to the British did not work.

On Saturday, at several gas stations, queues and chaos were reported when fuel ran out or rations were done.

Saturday’s traffic jam at a petrol station in east London.

Photo: Daniel Leal-Olivas / AFP

One of the explanations is that many foreign drivers who previously drove heavy vehicles are not allowed to work in the country after Brexit.

So British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is said to have made a complete U-turn on the short-term visa issue to bring 5,000 drivers into the country.

According to Sky News Johnson’s plan to save the British from the supply crisis looks like this:

5,000 Drivers of 5,000 foreign tankers and lorries are allowed to enter the UK for three months until December 24.

5,000 foreign workers are allowed in the same conditions for chicken production.

Up to ,000 4,000 will be trained to operate heavy transport in the UK.

The capacity for driving license tests should be greatly expanded.

However, according to many business representatives, these measures are not enough.

“Sorry, the gas ran out.”

Photo: Martin Pope / DT

There is a shortage of drivers sisådär 100,000 drivers, the transportation system RHA says.

“Grocery stores alone estimate that they need at least 15,000 drivers for heavy traffic, to make their business fully operational before Christmas and to avoid disruptions and delivery problems,” Andrew Oby, head of food and sustainability at the grocery retailer organization, told Sky News.

Ruby McGregor-Smith, president of the British Chamber of Commerce, said the plan was not enough and that “nothing can save consumers and businesses other than a Merry Christmas.”

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Photo: Eduardo Munso / AFP

Accumulated problems He says Johnson’s crisis plan is not enough to fully work and attract foreign workers, as it is now too large in the supply chain.

– It’s like a drop in the ocean.

However, Transport Minister Grant Shops said in a televised interview on Sunday that the crisis was “built up” and accused the transport company of wanting to bring in foreign drivers to reduce wage levels in the country.

Everyone has fuel, he said.

– The most important thing is that if people refuel as usual, there will be no queues and no shortage of petrol, He said in the interview.

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