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Parts of a silo collapsed in the port of Beirut

Parts of a silo collapsed in the port of Beirut

According to eyewitnesses, large clouds of dust and smoke could be seen rising in the sky near the silo. It is still not clear if anyone has been injured.

– Two towers have collapsed so far, and two other towers are in danger of collapsing, Minister of Social Affairs Ali Hamiya told AFP.

expected collapse

The condition of the silo and the risk of collapse must be known in advance, and residents of the area have been asked to wear masks and stay indoors to protect themselves.

The calls came in recent weeks, when an orange glow was seen from the silo. The glow must be due to a slow fire occurring indoors.

According to Reuters, Lebanese authorities reported that the fire was caused by the summer heat that ignited the fermentation of grain in the silo complex. It is said that many people who witnessed the scene expressed concern about another explosion similar to the one that occurred in 2020.

Earlier in July, Lebanese Finance Minister Amin Salam said that a technical investigation was underway to put out the fire. Salam said the reason was that it took time because there was a high risk of the fire spreading during attempts to extinguish from above by helicopters.

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Watch the massive explosion in the Beirut port area in August 2020. picture: Reuters
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