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SVT foreign correspondent: "Vehicle traffic has decreased in several cities"

SVT foreign correspondent: “Vehicle traffic has decreased in several cities”

For the equivalent of a hundred marks, anyone can travel anywhere they want in Germany between June and September. The ticket is valid for all local transport and all regional trains and buses, but not on long-distance trains.

crowded on trains

The experience was common – which means some crowding and difficulties for travelers to get a seat on trains and buses.

– It was very full on certain routes, especially to the coasts and popular tourist destinations, for example in the Alps. They were not able to work there. However, it has done well in cities, says Karen Fagerlund.

The €9 tickets cost the German state €2.5 billion. The government has said no to continue, but there are proposals from various interest groups for continued support for public transportation.

More people took the car during the epidemic

Regardless, the government will have many lessons to learn from this summer’s experience, says Karen Fagerlund.

Good results were seen, as car traffic decreased in several cities. I think you can learn something from this. They have been successful in getting people back on public transportation who, for natural reasons, chose to take a car ride during the pandemic. He didn’t think they would succeed so quickly, the question now is how to keep them on public transportation.

Learn more about why Germany is trying cheap public transport and the lessons learned in the clip above.

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