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The group behind Currency Trading publishes

The group behind Currency Trading publishes

The team that runs today publishes a completely crypto-focused website. The new site,, will be the team’s core hub in 2022. Is one Geo IP-basedA series of websites showing excellent listings, reviews and reports on cryptocurrencies, blockchains and various sites, brokers and the centralized and decentralized markets that provide these services.

Many beginners, but also established crypto enthusiasts, are constantly searching for charts related to crypto-currencies. The goal of crypto lists is to provide a wide range of best lists for meme coins, tokens, staple coins or anything from playing to earning in large numbers that have appeared in recent years.

According to Finbold, cryptocurrencies use and invest more than 8.3% of the population in Sweden. Thailand has the highest proportion of crypto population, with more than 20%.

Crypto listings provide current prices on the site for almost all assets. Currently, reviews of more than 50 cryptocurrencies are listed. All are divided into different categories, so finding and visiting the site can be easy and fun. The site enlists the help of a design team to make it more user-friendly and fun than the average crypto site. Despite a lot of data and facts, walking around should be fun and exciting. Markus Jalmerot, co-founder of, said, “Crypto listings encourage you to learn more about cryptocurrencies.

Above are some examples of the most popular types 20 Cheap Crypto CoinsAbout 10 The same corners, 14 NFT Tokens, 7 Tokens and many more DeFi Coins you can play to earn. The number of types at regular intervals has increased and before the summer, the goal is to have 50 best lists for crypto-currencies.

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News about crypto comes out daily, little by little, but many will be long. For those considering investing in cryptocurrencies, there is a guide to crypto trading, which refers to the similarities and differences between sites, exchanges and brokers. Anyone who wants to dig a little deeper into how they are Basic blockchains Works, and there are in-depth reviews for this.

Initially, the Ethereum chain, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Terra, Avalanche, Elrond, Fantom, RippleNet and Cronus will be reviewed, but more will be available soon. As everything is changing so fast in the crypto world, new reviews of small and large blockchains will definitely be made in the future.

Marcus Jalmerot
Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief
[email protected]

Tekpul Media SL runs websites in Swedish and English about crypto-currencies and financial markets. The group aims to make the region the largest in the world.