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Orban's worst option: “The beginning of the end” |  the world

Orban's worst option: “The beginning of the end” | the world

Peter Magyar has made it big for Viktor Orbán with his new party.

Photograph: Robert Hegedus/AP TT

Orban is heading towards his worst choices.

Photo: Denis Erdos/AP/TT

Hungary, like the Nordic countries, is moving against the general trend in Europe. The ruling right-wing nationalist Fidesz party is heading towards its worst-ever election in the European Union, and looks set to receive less than 50% of the vote for the first time since 2004.

When more than 80% of the votes were counted, the percentage reached 44.3%, which is still clearly the largest percentage, but it is threatened as never before. The reason behind Viktor Orbán's somewhat unusual situation is his former party colleague Peter Magyar, who was previously prominent within Fidesz.

Earlier this year, he joined the TISA party, which launched in 2021 but has not attracted much attention, and began loudly criticizing Orban for authoritarianism, corruption and turning Hungary into a “family business.” The move was unexpectedly successful.

Success in the first elections

When the party ran its first elections, it was successful. With more than 30 percent of the votes, Tissa looks set to win seven seats in parliament. At the same time, Fidesz lost two states and gained eleven seats.

– This is the Waterloo of Orbán's power. Magyar said at the vigil that this was the beginning of the end, predicting that his party would become a serious rival to Fidesz in the national elections to be held in two years.

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– It turns out that the system can be disassembled much faster. We will celebrate tonight and we will be happy that many have regained confidence in the possibility of building a united Hungary where it is good to live and let children grow up.

Tessa has no clear ideology, but is seen as somewhat to the right of the scale. The Hungarians said their representatives wanted to take a seat in the conservative liberal party group EPP, to which KD and M belong.

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