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A racist song at the SD party vigil – attacks the reporter |  Sweden

A racist song at the SD party vigil – attacks the reporter | Sweden

David Lange talks about the Sweden Democrats' vigil during the election.

Photo: Daniel Ingemo

The Riksdag member sang “Ausländer raus”.

Photo: Daniel Ingemo

David Lange (SD).

Photo: Sven Lindwall

During the spring, Italian Gigi D'Agostino's Eurodisco song “L'Amour Toujours” from 1999 spread in far-right and right-wing populist circles.

One early example is a clip from a concert in Germany last fall, where a large group of people sang along to the song's famous melody, but with their own words. The text reads “Ausländer raus” and “Deutschland den deutschen”, thus German for “foreigners abroad” and “Germany for Germans”.

Since then, the song with new lyrics has spread widely in racist and critical immigration contexts.

This phenomenon is also well known in Swedish far-right circles, and is rehashed on Swedish Nazi websites.

It was played at the SD election vigil

The Austrian Football Association has stopped playing the song during national team matches, due to the way it is being used by right-wing extremists.

The song was also banned from Oktoberfest in Munich, due to its new association with right-wing extremism.

At the SD party's EU election vigil, the song “L'Amour toujours” was played, while Expressen interviewed party leader Richard Gomshof.

How do you feel about this song being played?

– I don't know what kind of song it is, answers Gumshov.

-Is it a German song? I have a hard time dealing with it, it's not my music. I don't listen to this kind of music.

Top SD: “Ausländer raus”

Is it inappropriate in any way?

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– No, it depends…

SD MP David Lange then steps forward. The German text sings:

– Auslander Raus! Foreigners are generous!

Then the Expressen reporter saw:

– Oh shit, are you recording this?

David Lång then became physical, and tangentially attempted to take the recording equipment from the Expressen reporter.

– He's joking, says Richard Gomshoff, who also asks David Lange to leave.

He has sat in the Swedish Parliament for the SD party since 2010

David Lång then turns away and moves further into the room. After 20 minutes, he also left the vigil.

David Bass asks David Lange about the vigil incident.

Photo: Sven Lindwall

David Lange joined the SD Party in 1999, has sat on the party's governing board for a long time and has sat in the party's Riksdag since 2010. He is a member of the Taxation Committee, and a deputy member of the Finance Committee and the European Union Committee.

Shortly after the incident, when David Lång was on his way from the venue, Expressen asked him about the song. He doesn't want to answer. When asked why he was leaving, he said his train was leaving.

Expressen is looking for the Sweden Democrats.

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