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New leak: Politicians hide assets in tax havens

New leak: Politicians hide assets in tax havens

Czech Prime Minister Andrzej Babis is one of the richest men in the country. He went to the polls to fight tax crime and corruption. Documents in the new Pandora leak show how Bobbis used a series of mailbox companies to secretly buy several properties, including a castle near Cannes in France.

The Prime Minister violated the Czech rules for elected politicians – neither the companies nor the assets were reported.

Despite repeated attempts, Andrzej Babis has chosen not to comment on the information.

Many people are in power in the leak

With nearly 12 million classified documents and the largest press collaboration program, those in power, such as Pantolocan and Bobbis, who can work to stop secret institutional structures in tax havens, can show how they use programs that criticize themselves harshly.

These include anonymous mailbox companies and foundations used to cover assets.

– The leak shows that there is a shadow world we do not know. When countries outsource their assets, it leads to expansion gaps. Tax havens deepen poverty, says Gerard Riley, head of the ICIJ Press Network, the International Federation of Investigative Journalists – which has leaked to more than 600 journalists in 117 countries, including SVT’s work review.

The Pandora spill includes the presidents of Ukraine, Kenya and Ecuador, and former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair. A total of 35 active or former heads of state and government have been identified, as well as more than 330 civil servants from 91 countries. The leaks include more than $ 130 billionaires from Russia, India and the United States. Environmental criminals, wanted persons and members of the Mafia.

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King of Jordan

Jordan differs from its oil-rich neighbors in the Middle East and relies on foreign aid. On the streets, Jordanians protest corruption and poverty in the state.

At the same time, the Pandora leak has a secret plan to hold 14 US luxury properties with Raja Abdullah anonymous mailbox companies, mainly in the US and UK, for a total of over $ 106 million.

King Abdullah, through his lawyers, defended himself by claiming that he had committed no crime and that the anonymity was about his safety.