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Microsoft is testing a built-in VPN for Edge

Microsoft is testing a built-in VPN for Edge

Today it is possible to do most of the things directly in the browser and companies that fight for the interest of many users. Microsoft focuses a lot on Edge, by testing and moving away from the complicated settings of standard browsers in Windows 11. The company is also trying to impress users by adding more features.

It now appears that the built-in VPN service is something Microsoft is testing in Edge, a functionality that curious users can activate in the future. The software giant calls the function “Secure Network” and explains that it is a mode that encrypts the connection, prevents tracking and keeps location information private. Microsoft does not use the term VPN (Virtual Private Network) to describe it, but there is no doubt that this service is what it is intended for.

Unlike most VPN services, the built-in Edge variant should be free, at least for those who can manage 1GB of data per month. The consumed data can be viewed directly in the browser, but Microsoft does not write what happens if the limit is exceeded or if it is possible to pay more. However, it is clear that Cloudflare is the company responsible for the service that deletes “Diagnostic and Support Data” after 25 hours.

Microsoft explains that a Microsoft account and Edge browser are all that is required to take advantage of the secure network feature. employment The company’s website There are more instructions on how to activate it. The future will show if the built-in VPN service finds its way to Edge in the future, when, how well it works and whether paid versions will be added.

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