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Now Brexit has been fully implemented - summoning Big Ben in Britain's new era |  Foreigner

Now Brexit has been fully implemented – summoning Big Ben in Britain’s new era | Foreigner

With the New Year coming, Britain has left the European Union completely, with the transition period coming to an end.

The actual withdrawal from the European Union, Brexit, occurred on New Year’s Day a year ago, but then a transitional period began during which the two parties agree on a trade agreement for the future.

Negotiating this agreement was not the easiest. It has been done in various restarts over the course of 2020 and only on Christmas Eve the UK and the remaining 27 countries in the European Union agreed.

The British Parliament and the Queen approved the agreement the day before New Years Eve.

The Brexit transition period ended at midnight CET, when it was 1 pm in Finland and 11 pm in Great Britain.

In London, some city-dwellers, despite the constraints of the crown, gathered at Big Ben, which heralded the new age of Britain.

Scottish sturgeon wants Europe to keep its light on

In the UK, not everyone is at peace with withdrawal. Our colleague Gustav Antel, for example, recently reported his dissatisfaction in Northern Ireland with the trade agreement, and Scotland against Brexit.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said earlier that Scots should be allowed to vote for independence again. Last night I wrote on Twitter that Scotland will meet Europe.

Her letter to the European Union reads “Keep the light on”.

Sources: Reuters, Swedish Radio

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