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Intervacc rusar efter vaccinklargörande

Intervacc rushes to prepare the vaccine – indicates that Strangvac is certified throughout Europe

On Wednesday, Intervacc’s trading on the Stockholm Stock Exchange was suspended after a letter from the Medicinal Products Agency began circulating online and caused the stock to drop just over 36 per cent.

Intervacc now states that Strangvac is centrally approved for sale throughout the European Union, including Sweden, for vaccination against infectious bacterial disease quark. Strangvac has been unanimously approved by all member states after an extensive 15-month evaluation process.

“This means that the vaccine is safe, has a well-documented protective effect and an approved manufacturing process. We are proud to be one of the few pharmaceutical companies to have had a veterinary vaccine approved through the EMA’s central approval process, and by the UK’s Veterinary Medicines Department (VMD)” , wrote the company.

According to Intervacc, approval is based on “robust” studies showing that indeed two doses of Strangvac provide significant levels of protection, which form the basis of approval for EMA and VMD.

“We feel great interest in Strangvac among veterinarians and horse owners, and are convinced that Strangvac will be widely used based on the desire to vaccinate horses against such a devastating and contagious disease,” the company wrote.

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