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Now: Boris Johnson fined - the Prime Minister replied

Now: Boris Johnson fined – the Prime Minister replied

Now: Boris Johnson fined – the Prime Minister replied

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has apologized for violating Lockdown rules, but will not resign.

– I’ve paid the fine and I apologize once again, says Boris Johnson on Sky News.

According to the same news site, the fine is 50 50. The amount was reduced as it was paid within 14 days.

Party during the lockout

These are the first words after the announcement that the Prime Minister will be fined after it was revealed that he had broken the lock introduced by his own government to control the spread of Govt-19.

Johnson later attended a birthday party, which he described as “a short meeting” lasting “less than ten minutes”. President Rishi Sunak was also fined for attending.

I will not resign

However, despite the pressure, Johnson’s resignation was not appropriate.

“I want to go further and deliver the mandate I have, but I also want to address the issues that the country now faces,” he told the BBC.

First punished the Prime Minister

Johnson was the first British Prime Minister to be convicted of a crime if fined after a birthday celebration.

Therefore, resignation requests are welcome from political opponents, including Labor leader Sir Khair Stormer, the Scottish Prime Minister and Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon, and Wales Labor Minister Mark Drakford.


– [De konservativa] Absolutely unfit to rule, says Sir Khair Stormer:

– England deserves better.

“No shame”

Support group The Govt 19 Families for Justice also commented on Johnson’s decision to stay in office.

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– There can be no way for the Prime Minister or the Chancellor to proceed, the organization insists, calling the documents “shameless.”

A separate investigation is underway

It was only in December last year that the parties were said to have taken place on Downing Street, while other parts of the country were severely locked up.

The investigation was conducted by Johnson himself to clarify what happened. The government’s own investigation has not yet been released.

Photo: Downing Street

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