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The Queen's requests to Prince Harry before the meeting

The Queen’s requests to Prince Harry before the meeting

Prince Harry and the Duchess Megan meet her only after Queen Elizabeth’s requests have been granted.

The demand is an attempt by Prince Harry to reconcile with his father, Prince Charles.

The reason is the disagreement between those who were inspired by the world-famous interview with Oprah – where Prince Harry falsely accuses his father, according to the Daily Mail, of blocking his arrival. Prince Charles worries about his son’s upcoming memoirs, and they will be used to describe further conflicts.

When Prince Harry and Duchess Megan Sunny return to England to meet the Queen for the first time since leaving for California, the Prince is forced to talk to his father – before he gets an audience with the Queen, reports. Daily Mail With explicit evidence.

The queen liked it

During the 15-minute conversation the newspaper describes the situation very nervously. It was very happy when Prince Harry met his grandmother Queen Elizabeth.

– He always had the ability to make her laugh, a source intelligently tells the Daily Mail that this is the page she loves the most, which further describes Prince Harry as one of the Queen’s favorites.

A close friend of Prince Charles told the Daily Mail that he was delighted to meet his son.

– The friend says he loves his son and is devastated to see what happened.

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