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Stormer: The finance minister's wife is a "custom conflict"

Stormer: The finance minister’s wife is a “custom conflict”

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British Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak has been caught in the crossfire over his wife’s “I Dome” tax status. Now The Guardian writes that Labor leader Khair Stormer accuses him of “hysterical hypocrisy”.

“I-Domicile” or “I Dome” are persons living in the UK and paying taxes, but they have their main residence in another country. They can apply for tax only on what they have earned in the UK, instead of gross income. This rule is controversial and was used by the oligarch Roman Abramovich et al.

Stormer argues that having a “non-” wife creates a “very clear conflict of interest” and that Sunak’s wealth prevents him from understanding the needs of ordinary people.

Stormer, among others, pointed to Sunak’s four homes, and a notable incident in which he borrowed money to photograph the car of a grocery store employee as evidence that the finance minister had “lost his grip”.

Rishi Sunak has applied to the Ethics Council of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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