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Survey: Sweden is considering getting an electric car every second

Survey: Sweden is considering getting an electric car every second

A new European study by EasyPark raises questions about Sweden’s car and parking habits. For example, 35 percent of people find it annoying to look for parking spaces.

However, you prefer parking utilities. At a large rate, 43 percent say it has the flexibility to modify car parking without looking for a car parking engine. In addition, it is easy to save money by paying only for the actual parking time (38 percent).

The survey also asks questions about electric cars and electric car charging. The survey shows that 53 percent of Swedes are considering getting an electric car as their next car or at some point in the future.

Some of the electric car drivers already face challenges. Among other things, there are very few charging stations, charging is slow or charging stations are hard to find.

– The clear demand for electric cars is undoubtedly the most positive development for individual cities and the world. However, the survey shows that electric car charging should be easy, and Sweden manager Anders Pack says that through our partnership we are proud to be a part of EasyPark and help more people charge their electric car through the existing charging post network. Easypark.

According to the survey, 12 percent of Swedish electric drivers believe that there are very few charging stations and chargers are too slow. 11 percent have difficulty finding charging stations.

YouGov conducted this study on behalf of Easypark. There were 16,573 respondents in Denmark, Finland, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

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