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Norwegian children and young people should be tested together before school starts

Norwegian children and young people should be tested together before school starts

All Norwegian children, from preschool age to high school, must be tested for Govit-19 before returning to school. This recommendation also applies to authors.

– These are, as we say, “quick tests”, quick tests, antigen tests. Norway’s Director of Infection Control Frode Forland says we hope this will be a good and effective tool to prevent further outbreaks in the school. Current.

“Good and efficient”

Quick tests have been sent from the municipalities. Students and teachers are encouraged to take the test at home and then report the results.

When it comes to the reliability of antigen tests, Frode Foreland responds, it should go away quickly and you will still get a good rating, especially if the person is at the point of infection.

A positive test result should be confirmed by a PCR test. If that too is positive, you will be asked for seven days of home isolation.

For example, children and young people should go to school even if their parents or siblings are sick. Is in Sweden Recommended by the Swedish Public Health Agency Conversely, if someone in the family has Govt-19, asymptomatic children should stay at home.

Highlights the responsibilities of guardians

Like large parts of Europe Currently the number of Govt patients has increased drastically Around Sweden. Johanna Zara Astrand, president of the Swedish Teachers Association, fears the spread of the disease will be high, so the union wants to test more students.

– It is not unreasonable for guardians and parents to test their children before school starts. In terms of symptoms, of course, but we also know that many people carry the infection without even noticing it themselves, says Zara Astrand.

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However, not all Swedish school children need to be recommended for a parallel test, as is the case in Norway.

– The Swedish Public Health Agency must carry out infection control specialists and make the necessary transactions. But we do not think it is unreasonable to test more than once.

The Swedish Institute of Public Health responds to SVT, which estimates that there is no scientific basis for mass testing of students before the start of the semester.