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Amanda from Boras designed the costumes and appeared on Vogue

Amanda from Boras designed the costumes and appeared on Vogue

Currently Amanda Lungren is at home in Porce where she celebrates Christmas and New Year, but will soon return to Bradford-on-Avon in the UK where she lives.

He moved to the UK in 2013 with the intention of staying for six months. But that did not happen.

– When I was pushed on the street, I lived in the UK for a while, six months or so. A guy came and asked if you would like to create pictures, sketches and more for him. I was very skeptical, no, I thought what he wanted, but I looked at his portfolio and he was so good. Amanda Lungren, who was interviewed earlier, says that I took a photo with her and then she recommended me to a modeling agency. Porous Ditting.

Since then, she has worked as a photographic model, associating with other major brands such as Gucci and Balenciaga. He says it is an achievement he is grateful for, but it is difficult to gain perspective.

– If anyone else had told me they worked with Gucci, I would have wow, but it gets so close when it comes to himself. But doing it is incredibly fun, and heavenly grateful to be placed there.

Observed by Valuable Vogue

In early 2020, Wholesale Lockdown was introduced in the UK, and to keep herself busy at home, Amanda Lungren began to punch. An interest grew and now he is leading to the release of his first own collection – which was noticed by Vogue, which he started.

– I thought crochet was so much fun, I tried to create my own patterns and you ran away with the idea until it became real.

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The collection is called Miken in memory of Amanda’s grandmother, a tailor. Her cottage summer in Warburg in the 60s and 70s and she was the one who inspired the collection. Each garment is ordered based on the customer’s measurements.

– Everyone has different bodies, so I think it’s the only way to sit properly and beautifully. It is also fun to work with them so that they get involved in what I do with the customer.

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