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Nearly 23 years have passed since the Good Friday Agreement was signed. Peace-building treaty between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, between nationalists and trade unionists. The peace treaty ended after the bloody and protracted conflict known as “The Troubles”, which lasted since 1969 and claimed more than 3,700 lives.

But the peace has been weak for many years and in recent times violence has erupted again in the British province.

The origin of the new conflict is said to be the existing trade barriers between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK since the passage of the Brexit agreement.

But there are still explanations for the riots. It is a province with deep wounds and roots that existed hundreds of years before the conflict.

In this chapter of the Aftonbladet Daily, we will understand why the cycle of violence continues.

Guest: Lena Carlson, Editor-in-Chief, Foreign Policy Agency

Host: Olivia Svensson.

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