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Britain's Olympic collection: 45,000 tea bags

Britain’s Olympic collection: 45,000 tea bags

Believe it or not, summer is really starting to be approached by leaps and bounds. For many countries, it is high time to start planning for the Olympics in Tokyo, the biggest sporting event of the year.

Many athletes struggle to qualify, while others grind their shape in search of desirable gold. At the same time, the various Olympic teams of the countries are still at the logistics level – in production.

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The UK is expected to send a team of about 370 people to the Games in Japan, so they will also have to send the necessary supplies to the athletes in the Olympic Village.

In February, ships loaded with various goods left the British Isles and are expected to arrive in Japan soon – after a 55-day voyage.

Dina Usher-Smith was one of Britain’s medalists during the Olympics in Tokyo. Photo: Dylan Martinez

Packing: 45,000 tea bags

Now reveals English Defender What’s on the ship. On the one hand, thousands of sheets, pillows and pillows are “tied down”. They have also shipped more than 50 bicycles so that athletes can get around the Olympic Village, but with a “sports package” of jenga and card games.

When it comes to the kitchen, surprisingly, they have chosen to send a substantial amount of tea bags – more precisely 45,000 tea bags. No chips required, 7,000 bags shipped.

Add to that 8,000 porridge packs, the Olympic package is over.

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