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North Korea vs. South Korea poop balloons: scary

North Korea vs. South Korea poop balloons: scary

“South Korea has recently exposed psychological warfare by sending leaflets and other dirty things across the border,” North Korea's state-run Korean Central News Agency wrote on Sunday.

The leaflets were distributed by balloons, an activity that has increased recently, according to the news agency, which also reported that the campaign would be responded to.

“Tit-for-tat measures will be implemented against the frequent spread of leaflets and garbage,” KCNA wrote.

The answer: farts and manure

On Wednesday, the South Korean military issued a warning to residents near the border: Stay indoors and watch out for unidentified falling objects.

A total of about 260 white balloons containing cigarette butts, plastic bottles, batteries, fabric and fertilizer landed in South Korea.

One resident told Reuters: “It was very disturbing and frightening.”

Later in the afternoon, North Korea confirmed that it had sent the balloons.

Kim Yo Jong, the hard-hitting politician and sister of leader Kim Jong Un, said in a press statement: “South Korea must continue to collect the garbage that our people scatter and treat them as sincere gifts…”

Balloons were illegal

Propaganda balloons have been part of the conflict between North and South Korea for several years. Most often, it was South Korean activists and North Korean defectors who sent posts containing critical messages against Kim Jong Un and his father, dollar bills and South Korean culture such as USB sticks with K-pop music.

During the epidemic, North Korea accused South Korea of Covid-19 has spread To the country with balloons. They also shot down balloons with anti-aircraft systems in 2016.

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Early 2021 banned South Korean government leaflet campaigns across the North Korean border. the law Canceled in 2023 By the country's Constitutional Court, which considered it a restriction on freedom of expression.