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A critic of Islam was injured in a knife attack in a square in Germany

A critic of Islam was injured in a knife attack in a square in Germany

Police in Mannheim confirmed In a press release The attack occurred at 11:30 a.m. on Friday during an event organized by the anti-Islam organization PAX Europe.

Five members of the organization were injured when a man was attacked with a knife. According to the German public service company, someone should ZDF He is the German activist and critic of Islam, Michael Sturzenberger.

A police officer who tried to help one of the injured was also stabbed.

The perpetrator was shot

The police were then able to stop the attack by shooting the man who was wounded. Moreover, all the injured were transferred to hospital for treatment. Police cannot comment on the extent of the injuries at this time, but ZDF reported that the police officer who was stabbed had been stabbed Serious injuries.

Police did not say whether the perpetrator had a motive, and if so, what the motive was. The identity of the perpetrator has not yet been determined.

Sturzenberger: It was very close

On Saturday, Michael Sturzenberger posted a photo of what appears to be his hospital bed Telegram account.

“It was very close yesterday,” he writes, among other things, thanking the doctors for their efforts.

Sturzenberger has made himself known as a critic of Islam and has been active within the PEGIDA movement. He has been prosecuted several times for his statements. Among other things, he was convicted of incitement against an ethnic group in 2015 when he allegedly said all Muslims were potential terrorists.

Jimmy Acheson (SD): Terrible knife attack

Many politicians responded to the attack. Chancellor Olaf Schulz Type X He thinks about the victims and that the perpetrator “should be severely punished.”

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The country's Minister of the Interior, Nancy Vizer Type X The pictures from the scene are “shocking.”

In Sweden, Sweden Democrats leader Jimmy Åkesson described the knife attack as “terrible.”

“Regardless of the message, it should be possible to deliver it without fear of being physically attacked,” he adds. On X.