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No more pea soup – prioritize rice porridge

No more pea soup – prioritize rice porridge

Christmas Eve is just around the corner, and with it comes rice porridge for the vast majority of people, not rarely in the form of sausages.

At the same time, shelves of pea soup with sausages are frequent in some places.

– I don’t know what happened, says a store employee at Hemköpbutik on Kungsholmen in Stockholm.

But there is a common denominator and explanation.


It seems that the desire for rice porridge is greater than ever, so manufacturers who produce pea soup and rice porridge on sausages have chosen to discontinue production of pea soup.

Which has only happened once before, according to Sweden’s Orkla Foods, which owns Felix and Lecora, among others.

– We are currently prioritizing cooking rice porridge in our kitchen in Kumla, which means that pea soup is being cooked again in January and unfortunately it has sold out in some stores, says Sandra Lind, marketing manager at Orkla Foods, Sweden.

It turns out that it’s not without customer feedback.

Not all stores informed their customers and there were many confused customers.

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Customer feedback

When Express trains roll between store shelves on Tuesday morning, pea soup is rightly conspicuous by its absence.

Even the vegetarian version, in some places, had to wear some clothes and take Christmas leave.

Vegetarian pea soup is also in demand.

Anyone who wants ready-made pea soup with or without pork will have to wait until next year.

Am I the first to ask about split pea soup?

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– Yes…the first one today. No, but a lot of people are asking, says the store employee in Stockholm, adding that they have been informed that “production has stopped” but nothing more.

Pea soup, unlike rice porridge, seems to be delicious all year round.

– They’ve never done this before, there will be an outcry. But we sell sick amounts of rice porridge.

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