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Nine countries are calling for an EU ban on petrol and diesel cars

Nine countries are calling for an EU ban on petrol and diesel cars

Several European countries have or are in the process of banning new gasoline and diesel cars. Nine countries are now calling for a common ban across the European Union.

The magic year that is focused on 2030. Then in Germany it is forbidden to sell newly produced cars that run on gasoline or diesel. The UK is expected to make a similar decision soon.

The Swedish government and cooperation parties are on the same line, and on July 1, 2021, the investigation into the Swedish ban on new gasoline and diesel cars will be completed by 2030.

Nine countries of the European Union, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Malta want to be introduced throughout the European Union and have signed a call for such legislation.

The Swedish government has similar ideas:

– It would be a very good idea And a strong signal for car manufacturers to switch to a fossil-free fleet of vehicles, says Isabella Leuven (MP), to Aftonbladet.

She believes there are high chances of passing the ban across the European Union because many of the big countries are positive.

– It is a clear possibility That could be the case. “I don’t see anything but that we have to phase out fossil cars,” says Isabella Leuven.

Quite true with new gasoline and diesel cars being banned by 2030 within the European Union.

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