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World of Warcraft Gets Dragon Riders and Classic Expansion Returns

World of Warcraft Gets Dragon Riders and Classic Expansion Returns

Since World of Warcraft was first released, there have been a handful of expansions that have introduced additions and changes. As with most changes, there are players who both appreciate and hate them, which a few years ago spawned the World of Warcraft Classic offshoot. There, the game returns to its roots and original design, while the modern version continues to evolve.

Expansions for both versions are now expected, when Activision Blizzard revealed two new expansions Tuesday night. As for the classic version, it’s in a new old format, with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion returning later this year. In addition, the new Dragonflight expansion, which will be the ninth of its kind, has been revealed. He offers an excursion to the Dragon Isles, which is home to the dragons of Azeroth and the new breed of Dracthyr.

As the name reveals, the emphasis here is also on dragons. Dracthyr is a hybrid breed that allows players to transform into a dragon form. In addition, this is the first time that the game offers a race related to a category, which in this case is ivoker. Players also get a chance to learn to fly kites.

There is no release date for any of the expansions at this time. Wrath of the Lich King is promised later this year, but Dragonflight is without a year and it may take until 2023 before players see a glimpse of it.

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