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New Vegas 2 and Fake Nvidia Encryption Lock Fix

New Vegas 2 and Fake Nvidia Encryption Lock Fix

Unsurprisingly, the alleged solution to blocking Nvidia’s encryption for newer graphics cards turned out to be a fake. Obsidian is said to be in talks with Microsoft about making Fallout New Vegas 2 and Elon Musk is talking about possible support for Steam games in Tesla cars.

Recently, a “driver” was released that will bypass Nvidia’s synthetic system to slow down the performance of graphics cards when it comes to cryptocurrency mining. Thus, the driver will unlock full encryption performance for Nvidia LHR graphics card models. This alleged driver has now been proven to be fake and even malicious. More cheerful news is that Obsidian is said to be keen on developing a sequel to his classic Fallout New Vegas title. Speaking of games, we may see many more titles that can be enjoyed in Tesla cars in the future.

Obsidian Might Make New Vegas 2

Obsidian and Microsoft are said to have started discussions about allowing the game studio to make a sequel to their game title Fallout New Vegas, which was launched in 2010. However, these discussions were supposed to start recently and it is likely that the completed game title will not be as expected in In a few years. Provided that the reports are in fact true.

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The LHR installation driver was fake and dangerous

In an effort to reduce the lack of graphics cards which was the result of their huge popularity when it came to cracking cryptocurrencies, Nvidia introduced so-called LHR cards. LHR stands for Low Hash-Rate and comes with a synthetic blockchain that lowers the performance of cards when it comes to just cracking cryptocurrencies. Lately, the driver has been spinning that would scrape that latch. However, it turned out that this was not only fake, but also loaded with malicious code.

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Steam games may become available in Tesla cars

Elon Musk confirmed via Twitter that they are currently working on getting game titles on Steam that can be played in Tesla cars. Tesla’s infotainment system consists of a processor circuit based on the Zen+ architecture and a graphics circuit similar to Navi 23. Something that could open up gaming titles a bit easier. How will this project become a reality for consumers?

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