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This is why Dagne Carlson celebrates her 110th birthday prematurely

This is why Dagne Carlson celebrates her 110th birthday prematurely

Blogger Dagny Carlsson turns 110 in May, and a birthday party is scheduled.
But the celebration has already begun.

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Dret They started together at the 110th Anniversary Party of Oldest Swedish Blogger Danny Carlson. In May, it’s time, something her friend and computer teacher Elena Strom talked about in this week’s update.

“Dagny knows we’ve already booked a room for our birthday party in May. It’ll be the same room we had when I turned 100. The info about it has already been posted on Facebook, so we just hope everything goes well until then. ‘, she wrote in a blog post.

Danny, for the surprise!

But now it turns out that the celebration has already begun. She was visited this week by the band “Hippy Sisters” who visited and performed a number of songs for the 109-year-old.

Today, Dagny had her 100th birthday party well in advance. The famous singing trio The Hebbe Sisters which was seen in Bingoloto And the Singing in Skansen From Värmland to a nursing home to honor Dagny with a show written just for her. The three little girls, Emily, Josephine and Maria, often performed in the foster culture, and now they sing 30-40 songs for Dagny. They were wearing their grandmother’s old dresses from the fifties,” Strom writes to us on the blog.

Dagny’s new answer on how to live to 110

Dagny Carlsson must have been very happy with the surprise, especially with the sisters’ interpretation of Frank Sinatra Fly me to the moon. There was dancing, too, and the blogger said her favorite dance is foxtrot.

The sisters couldn’t help but ask the question Dagny has been asked so many times before: ‘What do you do to live as long as you – soon for 110 years? Elena continues and reveals the answer.

“Danny came up with a modified answer this time: – You shouldn’t cry but fight until your last breath!”.

For some time now, Dagny has moved into a nursing home because her health no longer allows her to live at home by herself. So her own blog post is getting slimmer, but Elena Strom has dealt with the updates in the meantime.

Photo: TT

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