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It will soon be possible to fix Face ID without completely changing the phone.  clockwise.

It will soon be possible to fix Face ID without completely changing the phone. clockwise.

Soon, the Apple Store and Apple authorized service partners can repair Face ID on iPhone without having to replace the entire device, according to a memo obtained by MacRumors from a trusted source. In the note, Apple wrote that authorized technicians will soon have access to a new part for the TrueDepth camera that handles Face ID. The change won’t completely unexpectedly mean that fewer iPhones need to be replaced entirely, which will reduce the climate footprint. However, the new part will only be available for iPhone XS or later models.

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Apple offers self-repair

So we can fix the broken Apple stuff ourselves

Apple introduced something called a “self-service repair”. The purpose of the hotfix program is for Apple users to be able to order replacement parts from Apple themselves if they want to repair things that have broken, for example, their iPhone or Mac. Apple will also provide its customers with manuals on how to repair their tools that can be downloaded from what Apple calls its “self-service repair online store.” “Providing greater access to genuine Apple parts gives our customers more options if a repair is needed,” says Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, of Apple’s new repair initiative. In the past three years, Apple has nearly doubled the number of service sites accessible for original Apple parts, tools and training, and we are now offering an option for those who want to complete their own repairs.” Apple’s self-repair service will launch in the US early next year, and it will initially be possible to order parts for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Later it will also be possible to order spare parts for Apple M1 computers. After the US launch of the self-service reform, this will be rolled out to other markets, but there is no word yet on what the timeline for this will be.

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