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A British advisor resigned after criticizing a study on racism

A British advisor resigned after criticizing a study on racism

The 264-page report was published on Wednesday. It states that there are problems with racism in the country, but there is no evidence that it is structural.

The authors have argued that the poll will “fundamentally” change discussion about race and Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes it is “original and stimulating”.

Barely doubted

But she was severely interrogated, in part because she did not sufficiently examine the legal system.

“Blacks in England and Wales are nine times more likely to be imprisoned than whites,” a spokesman for Black Lives Matter told The Guardian.

The conflict continues on Thursday. The most recent of which is that the government advisor for ethnic minorities, Samuel Kasumo, is leaving. Samuel Casumo criticized the government’s action against racism, but did not comment on the study.

Critical opposition

According to the government, Samuel Casumo has been planning this for months. But opposition politicians think it looks bad.

– Labor politician Marsha de Cordova says that even senior advisers on racial advisors stop when it publishes a so-called “pioneering study” that tells us how far the Conservatives have come from the daily lives of blacks, Asians and other minorities. For the BBC.

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