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New protests are expected in Kenya despite President Ruto's dog

New protests are expected in Kenya despite President Ruto's dog

Two days after thousands of demonstrators stormed Parliament, new protests are expected on Thursday in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, and in other cities where protests have spread. What began as dissatisfaction with tax increases has turned into a larger revolution focused on the country's rampant corruption. The rebellion is led by the country's youth, but it enjoys broad popular support.

Ahead of protests scheduled for Thursday President William Ruto had initially promised a tough crackdown in a fiery speech on Tuesday evening when he described protesters as “traitors” and “rebels.” But on Wednesday he made a complete transformation. In a new speech from the presidential palace, he said that the controversial package of laws, which included increasing taxes on a range of goods and services, had been thrown into the trash.

Photograph: Simon Maina/AFP

In addition, the President promised Strict savings requirements must be imposed On top politicians in the country.

“We have to respect the very clear message coming from the people of Kenya,” Ruto said, also promising that police had been ordered to abide by the law when dealing with protesters.

So far, at least 23 people have lost their lives in the clashes.

Ruto's dog was not appeased The demonstrators who fulfilled his pledges with extreme disbelief. During Thursday, it will become clear whether the police have heeded the president's call for restraint when young people once again take to the streets.

On Tuesday, Ruto wanted to call in the army, but the court rejected this initiative. A large portion of the country's most experienced riot police force is in Haiti, where they have just arrived as part of an international effort against gang crime.

That the tax package has been cancelled This puts Ruto and his government in a bind. This is because the Kenyan government only a few weeks ago agreed with the International Monetary Fund on a reform program that the IMF believes is necessary to help Kenya deal with its national debt.

The International Monetary Fund has he wrote in a statement on Wednesday This is concerned about the many lives lost during the protests.

“We remain determined to work with Kenya to chart a path toward strong, sustainable and inclusive growth,” the IMF wrote.

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