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Coup attempt in Bolivia – Army storms presidential palace

Coup attempt in Bolivia – Army storms presidential palace

She was seen on Wednesday evening Military and tanks In Plaza Murillo in the capital, La Paz, Bolivia. The first sign of the attempted coup came when President Luis Arce signed X That there were “irregular movements” in the army and that democracy must be respected.

Meanwhile, former President Evo Morales condemned the army's actions in a post X It was quickly called a coup.

– There will be a new government consisting of new ministers. General Juan Jose Zuniga told a local TV station that things will change, but our country cannot continue like this.

Arce and Zuniga face off

Both former President Morales and current President Arce said that Zuniga was behind the coup attempt. According to the Associated Press news agency, Zuniga was in the square wearing full military uniform and supported by soldiers.

In television images, Arce was said to be seen confronting Zuniga and saying, “I am your commander and I am ordering you to withdraw the soldiers,” according to the AP.

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Hear the President of Bolivia talk about the coup attempt. picture: Azar Rald

He ordered a retreat

Arce quickly appointed a new military commander, who ordered the troops to leave the site, according to El Pais. Moments later, the Associated Press reported that troops and vehicles appeared to be moving away, as people carrying Bolivian flags streamed into the square.

– Thank you very much to the Bolivian people.. Long live democracy, said President Luis Arce.

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Zuniga was arrested.

Bolivian authorities later reported that General Juan José Zúñiga had been arrested.

But Zuniga himself said, shortly before his arrest, that the order to storm the palace came from the president himself in order to increase his popularity.

Bolivian Justice Minister Ivan Lima said Zuniga was lying to try to justify his actions, for which he would be prosecuted.

The general was dismissed

Zuniga was reportedly removed from his position as military general on Tuesday after several threats against former President Morales El Pais.

Tigran Weiler, SVT's Latin America correspondent, believes that the situation in the country has been and continues to be turbulent for a long time and that the upcoming presidential elections may now be even more dramatic. The coup attempt sparked political reactions:

– There were very strong reactions, both from within Bolivia where the entire political spectrum condemned this, and not least from other Latin American countries, says Tigran Weiler.

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picture: Azar Raldis