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It is strange that the region canceled the operating medical travel system

It is strange that the region canceled the operating medical travel system

In several articles in the newspaper, comments were made about Rondon’s failed closure. In a very recent interview with Barbro Nilsson, he pointed out the great and persistent need for Rondon, in a clear and unique way, and with the support of many.

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Now without adequate and satisfactory compensation, it would be very strange for the Health Care Board to stop an important transportation offer for many.

I illustrate this with a definite journey that took place some time ago. An elderly patient in Stromstad ordered a taxi for four to perform an operation during the day. A procedure can be easily performed on Stromstad if you have access to simple day surgery. After the process, a taxi was again ordered to Stromstadt. More than an hour later, a taxi appeared, a taxi from Vara. It had to run 255 kilometers. Does anyone know what such a system would cost taxpayers?

Now the story does not end there. When the patient was fully vaccinated from Stromstadt, but belonged to the coronary risk group, the driver was asked if he had been vaccinated after the trip had begun. not him! Also, the driver was able to report that the disinfection of the taxi inside was completely unnecessary! But using a mobile phone without hands free is completely problem free.

After the trip, the patient contacted the office responsible for the patient’s trip to the area. Here, it was reported that the office did not have the opportunity to request that the patient be vaccinated while driving during medical trips. According to the office, the patient will have to re-order the transplant and wait until they find a suitable one.

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Since the region is more concerned with the economy, can anyone explain how such a system can bring in any savings today? The time has come to do an impact assessment, which is an extraordinary method that can greatly benefit from this area. And if the Health Care Board really wants to save, there is a clear possibility of not affecting patients in the political and bureaucratic system in the area.

Stone Rukin

Jor Stromstadt