Health care needs to work more efficiently, a survey sent to doctors shows. Thus, the National Board of Health and Welfare has developed a new cognitive support that will support the healthcare system to work systematically, coordinated and safely for patients with sick leave and rehabilitation.

With the help of several experts, the roles in healthcare and the medical insurance process were clarified.

– Now it has become clear, for example, that the doctor is responsible for the insurance medical evaluation and certifies that the patient needs sick leave. The doctor is also responsible for planning and monitoring sick leave, says Anders Berg, head of the unit at the National Board of Health and Welfare in Press release.

For greater clarity, there are checklists for each part of the medical insurance process. the new Cognitive support Which is part of a larger package with existing insurance medical decision support – which contains about 125 different diagnoses – that will be collected on a new website at the beginning of 2024.

However, this cognitive support was not only received with open arms. The Medical Syndicate had previously criticized national knowledge support in the field of insurance medicine. In the referral response the following was said: “Too lengthy, unstructured and general to be practically supported in decision-making in daily clinical life.”

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