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We really connected this year

We really connected this year

Martin Masek, who studies medicine at Lund University, was elected president of SLF students at a council meeting in 2022. Now he has been elected for another year, after almost a year in office.

– it’s a wonderful feeling. Of course, it is nice to have the trust of medical students in Sweden to continue my work to improve their lives. I’m very happy about that – and really proud.

Martin Masek, President of the Swedish Medical Association. Photo: private

What are you most satisfied with as president?

– I am very satisfied because we have significantly increased our visibility and had a more political orientation in our work. We have already communicated, both internally within the Medical Association and with politicians. I think that was the biggest thing and it was very inspiring to be able to take that direction.

What issues will be most important in the future?

-The Full Board is a good way to get an indication of what our members are not completely satisfied with in our work. For example, we have received many suggestions from our students studying abroad about the importance of a good introduction to Swedish healthcare and good opportunities to practice in Sweden.

Many of the suggestions were also related to six-year medical education and subsequent training services, i.e. BT.

– I think it was quite clear at the board that many students had not received a good introduction to what it means to go into the new six-year medical program and what the difference is compared to the old program. I think we have to make progress there. We must work on universities being clearer about this, but also to inform members themselves.

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Another thing that was much discussed at the council meeting was the issue of medical assistants, a relatively undefined form of employment that can be used for students during basic training or for doctors waiting to take their training from a non-EU country. EEA approved.

– I see that our members want more clarity and recommendations regarding salary, says Martin Masek.