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The newly graduated medical team spent a summer together on Jutland

The newly graduated medical team spent a summer together on Jutland

A group photo of everyone meeting to take a picture. Top row: Karl Arheden, Olle Rådfeldt, Jacob Wredenberg Ljunggren, Kristoffer Ljungdahl, and Ingrid Fritz Hansson. Bottom row: Sophia Weekender and Karen Osterberg. Photo: private

Summer – and the alternative to summer – will soon be over. However, the unending thing is the community of twelve people who decide to go to Jutland and work over the summer.

They didn’t want to disperse as a group just because the training was over.

We work as Assistant Physicians in a few different departments at Visby Hospital. I work in pediatrics and some in internal medicine, orthopedics, surgeon and infection. Some of us are here to ride the AT, while some of us are just here for the summer.

Why was summer in Gotland not only because of the sea and kilometer beaches.

– I’m from Sollefteå, although my mother and many of my relatives live here on the island, so I wanted to come here. Another member of the gang has a similar connection and another from Gotland. A couple of us have parents who own summer homes on the island, says Karen Osterberg.

So it was only natural that the gang would pick them up and pack them up for a summer in Jutland.

– It was kind of a domino effect as we all went here because some of us had connections and some of us wanted to connect.

The team of twelve doctors doesn’t rent a big house together, as you might think – but approx.

– It is a bit difficult to find accommodation during the summer. Many people see renting by the week as profitable, but I live in a nice flat near the hospital.

The gang lives in slightly different towers, but in any case consists of two groups.

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– A girlcave and a mancave. Karen Osterberg says I’m lucky enough to live in a girl cave with my best friends.

Recently graduated Dr. Karin Osterberg talks about what it’s like to work – with her group of friends – as a temporary worker on Gotland during the summer. Photo: private

When the gang isn’t working, they do in Jutland.

– It was Medieval Week, so we had a little bigger AW and then drank mead. Other than that, there were plenty of trips and hanging out at summer homes that some of us had access to. One of my students, Ingrid, had arranged mid-summer for us in Visby and we were at Olle’s in Vamlingbo another weekend. It was fun!

In addition, the summer began with the doctor’s party, which was not disapproved of by the gang, who had recently left student life.

– It was a fun start. It was the ST doctors here on Gotland who organized it, so after that I met a few different people.

Karen Osterberg tells us that many of the GPs, AT doctors and ST doctors on Gotland come from Uppsala University.

– The university has a close collaboration with the Visby Hospital, which means an opportunity for us to get an internship here. We doctors in Gotland call ourselves the Uppsala mafia because there is a huge influx of students from Uppsala.

It creates a sense of belonging outside of her gang. In addition, there is a room next to the infirmary that further intertwines with doctors. It’s a bit like a meeting place where you can bump into your fears and wet them or lighten your heart when you need to.

– We usually meet for lunch there, at Villa AT as it is called. It’s a place for junior doctors and it’s a good place to be when you need some support. It can be a lot of processing at times.

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So far, Karen Osterberg says she and her friends are enjoying themselves as doctors, but the new professional role also brings some thought.

We all probably have some ups and downs and some existential questions that come up. For example, sometimes you wonder if you really should take on so much responsibility and it can also be scary to see various diseases. It’s nice to have a mini soccer field, says Karen Osterberg.

For her part, temporary work in the children’s clinic gave more flavor – and was a good starting point for new positions – she worked during the day and had the opportunity to consult with experienced colleagues on site.

– It was a luxury for me to work office hours and meet senior colleagues. It is a very nice clinic. Since then, there’s been a lot of “hands-on” with surveys and such, which has been fun. Last summer I was an assistant cardiologist, then there was more computer work.

Five of the group of friends would go on to work on Jutland. For Karin Österberg, Sundsvall and AT are discontinued. It didn’t seem all that strange coming there since she’s from Sollefteå.

– I really enjoy Gotland, so I’m moving on with a little grit. My boyfriend and I, who is also part of the friend group here, are moving in together this fall. I will start my AT and the replacement will start in the emergency room while I wait for the AT.

But even then, the summer in Jutland stretched on even longer. Preferably with ice cream when work doesn’t call.

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– There is an amazing Gotland ice cream here, it’s lemon with mini meringues. amazing.