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NENT Group's original hit series 'Honor' returns to a new season

NENT Group’s original hit series ‘Honor’ returns to a new season

  • The Women’s Leeds series explores inequality and injustice and is one of the NET Group’s most watched Viaplay originals.
  • The ‘header’ has been sold in 60 markets and is being developed for four new records
  • The NENT team plans to release at least 40 original products by 2021

Nordic Entertainment Group (NNT Group) is releasing its critically acclaimed and commercially successful women’s series ‘Honor’ on ViaPlay, a streaming service, in 2022. One of the most-watched Viaplay originals to date explores the crime drama ‘Honor’. Profile issues of inequality and injustice have already been sold in 60 markets and four new records are being created.

The act of terrorism, linked to the Incel subculture (‘involuntary celibacy’, that is, spontaneous celibacy) is the dramatic start to the new season of ‘Header’, where all four colleagues at Header, Stockholm’s law firm, face incomparable personal risks and ethical difficulties. Their commitment to protecting the rights of women and the most exploited in society is stronger than ever – but can their policies retain both the challenges of today and the secrets of the past?

Nordic Best Talents Alexandra Robbord (‘Goose Mother’), Eva Rose (‘Locked Town’), Anja Lundquist (‘Together’) and Julia Tufanius (‘Modus’) return as lead characters and executive producers. The series is based on an idea by Sophia Helin (‘The Bridge’), which was created by Robert, Rose, Lundquist and Tufanius.

Alexandra Roberford: “I am so proud and looking forward to our third season, it will be so exciting! We have a clear raisin in our series and our audience has showered us with love, so we will do everything we can to manage this confidence and create a quiet season from Viaplay and the audience. ”

Philippa Wallestam, CEO of NENT Group: “Launched as a personal project for some of Sweden’s leading actors, it is now a Nordic and international success story, more relevant than ever. ‘Honor’ is high-end entertainment and so on – after hearing this series we’ve heard from viewers who feel they can report harassment. The update for the third season feels exciting and urgent. ”

The third season of ‘Honor’ (English title: ‘Honor’) was directed by Joachim Eliasson (‘Goose Mother’) and produced by Pixter. All seasons are distributed worldwide by Echo Rights. Records will begin this fall.

About the original products of the NENT Group

The NENT team plans to release at least 40 original products by 2021. In the last three months, ‘Dystopia‘; ‘Max angry‘; ‘Thunder in my heart‘; ‘Try hard‘; Season One ‘Barney‘; Season three ‘Fixie I Playland‘; ‘Glacier‘; Season two ‘Respect‘; Season two ‘The killer‘; And ‘Hus‘Screened on Viaplay.

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Recently Announced Original Products Season Three and Four ‘Likoviken‘; ‘Holiday’; Season two and three ‘Barney‘; ‘Red election‘; ‘Hilma‘; ‘Billy the Kid’; ‘Sister‘; ‘Who shot Otto Mல்லller?‘; A series about Barge Salming; ‘Blurred‘; ‘Taylors Island‘; ‘Kin‘; ‘What about Monica‘; ‘Tram‘; ‘Ricketts Exodus‘; ‘Made in Oslo‘; ‘Estonia – The last wave‘; ‘Zebra‘; ‘Three’; ‘Sweden‘; Season two ‘Stella Bloomquist‘; Season two ‘Whistling‘; ‘In the box‘; ‘Two sisters‘; ‘Anger‘; ‘Near me‘; ‘Swarm‘; Season two ‘Hidden in the snow‘; ‘Harmonica‘; ‘Perfect people‘; Season two ‘Investigation‘; ‘Home invasion‘; And ‘Margiox‘.

Produced by NENT Team Two English language blockbusters each year. The company has also established a joint venture manufacturing company in the UK Film Nation Entertainment And invested in American Studio PictureStart.


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