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My questions for Joe Biden came from the Biden team.

My questions for Joe Biden came from the Biden team.

The scheme that Joe Biden's team devised to control the questions asked of Biden was revealed by CNN anchor Victor Blackwell, host of CNN's “The Source.”

Blackwell interviewed Andrea Lovell Sanders and Earl Ingram, two black radio talk show hosts in the key swing states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Victor Blackwell points out on the show that the talk show hosts essentially asked the same questions and wondered how this happened.

Andrea Lovell Sanders responded that she had “received several questions, [det var åtta stycken]The four chosen are the ones I approved.”

The questions came from Joe Biden's campaign organization.

– It is not uncommon at all. [intervjupersoner skickar ämnen som de föredrar]”We are not going to let this happen,” Lauren Hitt, a spokeswoman for Joe Biden's campaign, told CNN.

She continues:

“These questions were relevant to the news of the day,” she says, as the president was asked about his debate performance and what he has done for black Americans.

Lauren Heat denies that the interview was conditional and that only certain questions could be asked.

Language frogs

Joe Biden's debate performance against Donald Trump was widely watched. In the debate, Biden spoke incoherently, froze several times and stared at his rival in the debate while he spoke.

During the interview with Andrea Lovell Sanders, Joe Biden continued to commit linguistic frogs.

“I’m proud to be, as I said, the first vice president — the first black woman — to work for a black president, proud to have a relationship (“involved” in English) with the first black woman on the Supreme Court,” Joe Biden said during the interview, which was taped Wednesday and aired Thursday.

Andrea Lovell Sanders says she thinks it was clear Joe Biden was referring to Kamala Harris, not himself, when he spoke about the first black female vice president.