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Now: Two children and a woman died.

Now: Two children and a woman died.

He would have participated in the arena in Sunne in Värmland in the very popular Sunneyran.

It would be greatly appreciated.

Understanding Sveni's message was great, but at the same time many visitors were longing to meet him.

“I wanted his autograph,” 78-year-old Kurt tells Sunnetidningen Frykdalsbygden.

The plan was for Svennis to be celebrated on a grand scale in the square during the ongoing Sunneyran.

Busy days behind

The reason Sven-Goran Eriksson had to cancel was due to health reasons and his battle with cancer.

– We found out about an hour ago that he was tired, explains Linda Isaksson, Sunneyran project manager, to SVT Värmland.

Svensson has had a few tough days behind him and did not have enough strength and energy to reach the arena in Sunne and receive the honours on Saturday.

Highly in demand

The Sunneyran organizers were fully prepared for the risk that Svennis would have to retreat at short notice.

– We knew there could be a setback, the project manager tells SVT and confirms that they have ongoing contact with Svennis.

Svennis is in high demand in Sweden and abroad, and has had a lot to do lately.

Video Greetings

However, Sunneyran makes sure to pay tribute to Svennis, even if Svennis himself is unable to attend.

There were large crowds in the square during the day and a video tribute had to be arranged to be sent to Svenis's house.

Sunneyran takes place in the town of Sunne, which has a population of about 5,000 and is located in central Värmland between Karlstad and Torsby.

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16m roll cake

The event offers, among other things, a car show, special activities for children, as well as delicious pastries.

– A 16-metre-long rolled cake! Citykonditoriet, Nya Hembageriet and Café Villa Helios offer a rolled cake with summer flavours that is enough for around 1,000 people, says Sunne municipality on its website.

An Abba medley, theatre, author talks and evening entertainment are other elements of the programme.

In addition, it was named Store of the Year, Champion of the Year and Sunning of the Year.

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