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More hotels are opening this winter

More hotels are opening this winter

Fewer hotels on Spain’s sunny coast than usual say they intend to close again for the upcoming off-season. Many of those who still intend to close their doors temporarily will use the time to renovate their premises.

According to new numbers from Aehcos, a hotel association on the Sunshine Coast, 92 percent of the area’s hotels will remain open even during the winter months this season. Which means the number is 2% higher than last year.

Javier Hernandez, Vice President of Aehcos, claims that those who still intend to close in the off-season do so for various reasons. Some do so for financial reasons. Uncertainty about inflation in Spain as well as in several important markets for the region, such as the United Kingdom and Germany, are decisive factors. In addition, rising energy and commodity prices are playing a big part while many are trying to recoup losses since the pandemic.

At the same time, there are many who welcome the low season as an opportunity to improve their service and range. Hernandez stated that nearly every third hotel that will close will use the time for renovations and improvements so that they can maintain a higher standard next year.

Among these we find some of the most notable hotels of the Sunshine Coast. Los Monteros outside Marbella and Best Tritón near Torremolinos, for example, will both undergo complete renovations in the coming months.

Aehcos said Marbella will have the most closures in the off-season followed by Torremolinos and Rincon de la Victoria. In addition, some hotels in the center of Malaga and in Benalmadena will be temporarily closed.

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The organization says most are closing for renovations and improvements and that most will open again in the spring of 2023. However, some will have to remain closed until next summer.

Javier Hernandez stresses the importance of hotels in the region remaining modern and constantly evolving. He hopes many Sunshine Coast hotels will be upgraded from three to four stars in the coming years.