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Law firm criticized in case of bankruptcy - parent firm continues similar operations

Law firm criticized in case of bankruptcy – parent firm continues similar operations

Over the spring, Rive’s website gradually changed its name to “The Agency That Specializes in Employment Law,” and after Rive went bankrupt, the new brand got its own niche.

The website is strikingly similar to Rives’ and attracts customers by attracting the opportunity for a free consultation, just as Rive did before. This was first reported by the online magazine Lag & Avtal.

Demolition of the previous website vs. Specialistbyrån. picture: screenshot

A new brand under the parent company

when Editorial staff for consumers at SVT Requests contact information for the managing director at parent company Comp-ex & Partners Law Sweden * Richard Olsson calls. According to him, the specialized agency is not a new agency, but just a new brand in the existing operations of the parent company.

Richard Olson says, however, that the parent company has acquired some of Rive’s previous customers in connection with Rive’s bankruptcy.

given after criticism – count

Richard Olson stated at the beginning of March, then CEO and most recent known majority owner of the agency*, told Plusredaktionen that he sold all of his shares in the parent company and relinquished all functions within the group as a result of criticism in the media. But during the spring, several employees told Plus that practically Olsson continued to control both Rive and its parent company even after that.

Of course, I didn’t have any kind of operational power to be able to influence Operation Rive, says Richard Olson.

– People can think what they want, but in the end it is subject to Swedish company law and board positions and the rules that apply to these types of roles and positions.

Close relative in the Rive لوحة panel

Olson does not wish to comment on the fact that one of Olson’s relatives was a member of Rive’s board of directors at the time of the bankruptcy, and for several years was also a member of the parent company’s board of directors.

Olson asserts, however, that after the previous conversation with Plus, he resumed the CEO position, but now calls himself a senior advisor at the parent company. He also says that he supported the decision to close Rive and that it helped liquidate Rive.

*The parent company was previously called Compexia Law Group but during the spring it changed its name to Comp-ex & Partners Law Sweden.

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Plusredaktionen reviews legal services. picture: SVT
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