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Model 3 performs better as a police car

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Tesla in the UK redesigned the Model 3 as a police car earlier this year. Now they share the results of a police field test.

Tesla in the UK This spring Tesla presented the Modified Model 3 to the police in the country for testing. Now, nine months later, the manufacturer shares the lessons learned from the field test.

This was written by Max Toozs-Hobson, Account Manager and “Emergency Service Front” at Tesla UK On his LinkedIn page.

Range of blue light, That is, the most aggressive driver, according to him, should be 322 km. At the same time, according to Toozs-Hobson, the average “blue light driving” lasts only about 7-15 minutes. “The longest journey of one of our cars involved four hours of active duty under advanced driving conditions,” he adds.

The additional equipment range of the police car should have a minimal impact. For example, the automatic license plate reader reduces the limit to “less than a few English miles” in three hours. According to Tesla, the extra headlights “can be operated for several days”.

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Need to become fast charging Went very fast. According to a post by Max Toozs-Hobbson, police were able to combine 70 percent of their energy “in less than 20 minutes”. Tesla’s V3 charging posts 250 kW.

In the class with Hyundai and Kia’s fast-charging electric cars, that means they charge 10-80 percent at the best window. Ionic5 And EV6.

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In addition, it is emphasized How low was the service cost of the police. The brake pads must have been replaced during the 1,600 km test, but “15-20%” of the material must have remained.

The only thing that was done at a distance of 2,400 km was only the tires that were replaced less than 1,300 km. However, the post suggests that the rules of the British Police require you to change tires more often than the law.

In Sweden, police seized Against First of its 2,200 new diesel and petrol-powered Volvo XC60 B5 AWD and V90 B6 AWD Emergency vehicles this summer. The cars will be delivered by 2029, with no indication that police plan to order electric cars before then.

In Germany, for example, police have begun raising their thumbs to switch to electric power. Recently They ordered about a hundred white Volkswagen ID.3.