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The 10 Best Cosmetics in the World This Weekend - SVT Broadcasts!

The 10 Best Cosmetics in the World This Weekend – SVT Broadcasts!

A total of five million prize money is in Geneva as the top ten jumpers in the world settle into the Rolex IJRC Top 10 finals.
From Sweden, world setter Peter Friedrichsen and world number three Henrik van Eckerman are taking part.

Last year, the tournaments were canceled like no other, and they missed the 20th anniversary, which can now be celebrated a bit late.

Henrik von Eckermann showed good play in the year; Flawless throughout the Olympics in Tokyo, GCT wins and GP wins during the Swedish International Horse Show. Third in the world rankings, he is in the top 10 finals and will carry the Olympic gold horse King Edward with him.

– Being one of the ten finalists is one of the highlights of Geneva at the end of this year. “I’m looking forward to it,” Henrik said in a statement from the organizer.

This is not the first time he has ridden in the Grand Final, and he sees success!

– I’ve had the good fortune to ride in the final a few times before and once finished second – so this is a race I really want to win!

It goes like this:

The Rolex IJRC Top 10 final will conclude on Friday with two rounds over 1.65 hurdles. If an equal number of errors occur, the time in the second round is determined. In total, the riders are competing for five million kroner in prize money. Class starts at 21:15 on Friday.

There is also a chance to qualify for the big Rolex Grand Prix starting at 15:00 on Sunday. The class is determined by the base round and the jump-off if an equal number of errors occur. Riders are vying for just ten million kroner prize money.

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The Sunday Grand Prix is ​​part of the prestigious Rolex Grand Slam, which is well known for its high prize money. Among other things, if a single rider wins three races in a row, he will receive a bonus of just over ten million.

SVT Play broadcasts the finals in the Top 10 starting Friday, December 10 at 21:25.

These start with the first 10:

Peter Friedrichsen, Sweden
Daniel Deuser, Germany
Henrik von Eckerman, Swerridge
Martin Fuchs, Switzerland
Scott Brush, United Kingdom
Kent Farrington, USA
Steve Gurtord, Switzerland
Ben Maher, United Kingdom
Jerome Querrey, Belgian
Kevin Stott, France