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There is no agreement between England and France regarding fishing

There is no agreement between England and France regarding fishing

France wanted the EU to take legal action against Britain if it did not show signs of wanting to resolve the conflict on Friday. But by midnight the two countries had not yet reached an agreement.

French means The British are violating the Brexit treaty by not allowing enough French ships to fish in the English Channel. They have threatened to shut down British ships from French ports if Britain does not agree.

According to the French, 104 boats were not licensed to fish in British waters, which should have been granted in the Brexit agreement signed by the UK with the EU in December last year. The French say small boats, mainly those without GPS equipment, are being punished.

The English, on the other hand, claim to have not discriminated against French ships, but say it is a matter of technology. Under the Brexit agreement, those countries would issue fishing licenses to boats that could show that they had previously fished in their waters. However, according to the British, many French boats did not have the necessary documents to be licensed.

A British government spokesman said: “This is a technical process based on evidence rather than a deadline. Defender.

According to the European Union The dispute must be resolved by December 10, an ambition that Britain has not clearly shared.

– We did not set a deadline. A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Thursday that the EU had set a deadline, but that none of us had worked.

French EU Minister Clement Beyoncும், who has recently been expecting a consensus, called the comment “surprising” and said it was not a “sign of hope”. France24.

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On Thursday came a start from French President Emmanuel Macron, who accused the British government of failing to deliver on its promises.

“The problem with the British government is that it does not do what it says,” he told a news conference.

The European Union (EU) says 95 percent of the fishing licenses promised by the UK have been granted under the Brexit agreement, France 24 writes.

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