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Millions of liters of sewage pouring out at the sound

Millions of liters of sewage pouring out at the sound

Last weekend, the Danish sanitation company Novafoss discovered a breach in its sewage pipeline – but only the flaw was discovered on Monday, which causes untreated wastewater to be pumped into the rainwater system and then directly into a sound interior.

The leak prompted the Danish authorities to discourage swimming at Svanimullen Beach for the time being. According to Novafos, the problem will be solved during the day, but until then, up to 700,000 liters of sewage will flow into the sound – every hour.

We don’t think this will affect the coast. But there are always reports so you’re always prepared to raise the red flag and close beaches if problems arise, says Novao Communications Director Arne Christensen. TV2 Lowry.

This is not the first time As untreated wastewater flows into sound. A year ago, Lorry was revealed by TV2 About 290 million untreated water will be discharged into the strait during construction. The protests led to waiting for the secretions to come out until after the bathing season.

– It won’t be repeated that we plan to drain untreated sewage into sound, Novafos managing director Karsten Nystrup told TV2 Lorry at the time.

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