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Microsoft launches the beta version of Copilot for Windows 10

Microsoft launches the beta version of Copilot for Windows 10

It appears that Microsoft has been planning to add Copilot to Windows 10 for some time. A week ago there was a rumor that it was on the way, and just a few days ago a new build of Windows 10 22H2 was released in Insider’s Release Preview channel that adds an AI assistant.

Anyone who wants to test can activate Insider Updates and select Release Preview. Then install and activate update KB5032278 Get the latest updates as soon as they are available Wait for the Windows Configuration Update to install. according to Latest Windows Isn’t it certain that your computer will receive the update using Copilot directly, since Microsoft seems to be rolling out the test to only a portion of users.

Copilot has low system requirements and will work on the vast majority of computers running Windows 10: all that is required is 4GB of working memory and a resolution of at least 1280 x 720 pixels.

In Windows 10, Copilot has been given its own button in the taskbar, on the far right behind the Notification Center. Microsoft hasn’t made any effort to integrate Copilot as deeply into Windows 10 as it did into Windows 11, so users can’t use it to open programs or change system settings, for example. It’s basically an abbreviation for Bing’s chatbot.

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