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Microsoft keeps Xbox One alive by streaming games

Microsoft keeps Xbox One alive by streaming games

It’s been more than 7 years since Microsoft released the first gaming console in the Xbox One series, which was followed by the more powerful and thinner One X One S with and without an optical drive. This fall’s release of the Xbox Series X and Series S represents a clear technical step forward, as semi-solid AMD Jaguar cores and mechanical hard drives have been replaced with Zen 2 processor cores, RDNA 2 graphics, and fast SSD storage.

Developers can take advantage of new features to elevate the ambition and complexity of gaming titles, but with that comes old console owners who are unable to partake in the news. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is a case in point, which in just over a month went into the landing for Xbox Series models. Attention is now being drawn to the fact that there is an alternative for those who couldn’t get a new game console – the company’s streaming game service for console use.

We’re excited to see developers realize their visions in ways that only next-generation devices allow them to. For the millions of people playing on Xbox One consoles today, we look forward to sharing more about how you can bring many of these next-generation games, like Microsoft Flight Simulator, to your console through Xbox Cloud Gaming, just as we use mobile devices and tablets. and browsers.

in it Long blog posts posted by Microsoft In connection with last week’s E3 presentation, the software giant is writing about several titles shown. In addition, the planned future of the Xbox One consoles was briefly discussed, in a part of the text that at that time was flying under the radar of technology and the media. Microsoft makes it clear that it expects to extend the life of the Xbox One series with the help of cloud gaming and that it is a feature that could affect millions of gamers.

Cloud play is part of the Game Pass Ultimate subscription service and can currently be used on mobile phones, tablets, and across browsers on both PCs and Iphones. Flight Simulator is a game example exclusively for the latest generation of game consoles, but the post promises many other titles waiting for you. It remains to be seen which games receive this treatment and how the gaming experience is affected by the computation work done elsewhere.

Are you using an old Microsoft game console? Is game streaming something you can imagine to avoid buying new hardware? Tell us in the comments thread!

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