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Psychonauts 2 is Double Fine's best-selling title to date — according to a former employee

Psychonauts 2 is Double Fine’s best-selling title to date — according to a former employee

Tim Shafer and the gang deserve a million big sellers.

It’s all over 7th place In the FZ game of 2021. You also stole a nice game eleventh place When the community voted for your favorites last year. And more than we seem to have appreciated Psychology Pioneers 2 Although she did not receive much writing after release.

According to Lisette Titre-Montgomery, who recently left Double Fine studio, the game is the best seller to date. Titre-Montgomery hasn’t published any numbers, but according to Eurogamer, the previous game is estimated to have sold 1.7 million copies, which means that Psychology Pioneers 2 That result may be exceeded.

One must keep in mind that the sequel is a game-passing game – if the numbers from the subscription service are also the basis for the manifest, then they are set on slightly different days.

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