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Young people should be warned when they are on Instagram for a long time

Young people should be warned when they are on Instagram for a long time

Nick Clegg says the new job will “push” young people away from disruptive content.

We’re going to launch something that I think will make a noticeable difference. When our systems notice that a teen is watching the same content frequently, and that content isn’t good for their well-being, we’ll try to push them to other content, says Clegg in CNN’s State of the union.

In addition, young people should be encouraged not to spend too much time on Instagram.

– We launched what we call “Break”, where we will encourage young people to simply take a break from using Instagram, Clegg says.

can give a point of view

20-year-old Alma Stoer from Karlskoga has her own experiences of mental illness. She believes a job could be a good way to get young people to start talking more openly about their moods and how they are affected by social media.

It can probably give you some perspective. As you say, I think we are affected both consciously and unconsciously.

Whistleblowers have been warned

The message from Facebook comes less than a week after a former employee, Frances Hogan, warned that the company was unable to curb hate and misinformation on its platforms.

Haugen, who was questioned in the Senate last week, believes the company’s leadership knows how to make Facebook and Instagram more secure, but is prioritizing its “astronomical gains.”

Haugen also testified about how Facebook is trying to entice young people to keep scrolling the platforms in order to reach them with more ads. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, says he doesn’t recognize the picture the company has painted.

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“If we don’t care about fighting malicious content, why are we hiring more people to do it than any other company in our field?” Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a post on his Facebook account.

Facebook has yet to release any details on how the new features will be designed or when they will be launched.

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Whistleblower Frances Hogan in an interview with CBS 60 Minutes. She was previously at Facebook and accuses the company of being aware that it “promotes hate, disinformation and political instability” – but does nothing to stop it. Photo: 60 minutes CBS