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Apple resumes dispute with Epic Games

Apple resumes dispute with Epic Games

In early September judgment fell In the long-running dispute between Epic Games and Apple. The conflict is rooted in Apple’s guidelines for the company’s App Store, the only available source for apps for iOS devices. Developers must route users’ payments for digital content through the App Store, for which a 30 percent fee is charged.

Epic Games tried to circumvent this with its game Fortnite, which led to Apple moving the game. Epic Games has responded with a lawsuit accusing Apple of behaving in an anti-competitive manner. Nine out of ten points were denied, however, and Apple was sentenced to amend its regulations to allow developers to ship outside the App Store. Now Apple is appealing the ruling.

Currently, Apple must change the guidelines by December 9. With the appeal, Apple is also asking that this be postponed until the appeal and a number of other cases are decided in court. Apple, among other things, indicates a settlement with several small developers as of August who are still awaiting approval.

If Apple’s request to make a judgment about the future is granted, it could be several years before they have to make any changes.

Source: CNBC

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